At Ghothane Lawyers we are guided by our principles which are laid on the foundation of our reputation, the results we strive to achieve and our integrity. Our values shape us as professionals and our operation as lawyers. 



Usually, when we think about reputation, it refers to the perception or opinion of others held towards someone or something. While this is important, reputation, to us, extends beyond its conventional meaning and holds a significant value. It is how we perceive ourselves. We are competent, hardworking, honest, and empathetic professionals. We have built our reputation in the community by consistently displaying these qualities and that is how we remain true to ourselves. Our view of our reputation inspires us to work harder for our clients to achieve the outcomes that they desire.



Law is complex and can be uncertain. Our team of lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate through our clients’ legal problems to provide them the options that suit their expectations.



Integrity is integral to us. We set realistic expectations for our clients from the outset while remaining honest. Honesty as a value empowers us to be upfront and straightforward with our clients so that clients can entrust us, and we can assist in maintaining faith in the legal system.