Deepak Puji

I am currently dealing with Ajay Sharma. Great guy, great firm, very attentive and knowledgeable team. Anyone who is looking for great migration advice and services please choose Ghothane Lawyers. Thanks so much guys!!

Aditya Anand

Extremely happy with Ghothane Lawyers service. They are really supportive and gave me accurate advice on my PR application. They have also helped me to be updated with all the immigration news.

Monte Azmi

Patrick is an authentic lawyer/ conveyancer who knows how to deal with challenging situations confidently and professionally. Highly recommended.

Rush Maharjan
Rush Maharjan

I have been client with Tony dai and ghothane lawyers since very beginning and very happy with their service. Good service, Professional and very helpful

Gunjan Jayden Malla

Anyone is looking a trusted migration agent or lawyer look no further to reach out to Tonnou Ghothane. All your dreams to turn into reality. Cheers all happy days.

Jan RjanShiwakoti

One of best migration office in victoria.

Sony Maharjan

Very helpful and good service

Arjun Karki

Very professional and responsive.

mahendra Sapkota
Mahendra Sapkota

First of all, thank you very for your great service. One of the must trusted place and fastest service i have ever received. If you are looking for a migration consultation, I honestly recommend you to go with senior Migration lawyer Tonu ghothane you will appreciate. Thank you so much πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Suwarna Sapkota

I am Ghothane lawyers client from a very long time. The best thing is their time and communication. They are always available for my application, and guided me through out the process. I thanks to Tonnou dai and Ajay for their valuable time and guidance.

Bhiman Gurung
Bhiman Gurung

I made right decision to choose Ghothane Lawyers. Great service, quality, helpful and professional. Thank you

Trained On Flames
Trained On Flames

Very professional and reliable.

Desmond Mok

Ghothane team is excellent!!!


Thanks Carol Cheng for helping me and my husband to get 2 RRV and partner visa. She is very professional and responsive. My family will move to Melbourne later this year and I look forward to meeting her there. I would highly recommend her to my friends for Australian visa application.

Rakesh Gokool

They are very professional and help you to understand step by step specially AJAY has done everything easily for my visa and been granted within one month...thanks you AJAY....

Bella Ip

Carol is our life saver! She gave us lots of professional and valuable advise. She also response promptly! I would highly recommend her service to anyone who want to get a PR! I know some people trusted the wrong agent and ruin their application, please get a good agent! I feel so blessed we met Carol. Good luck guys! πŸ™πŸ»


Carol is the best, she's been our agent for at least 3 years. My husband and I are very happy of the service we've received. Very great value for money too. I would highly recommend this business to other people, we are especially greatful of Carol's help and time. All the best to Ghothane Lawyers, keep the good work coming πŸ™‚