Spouse Visa Document Checklist

Do you have a spouse who is a legal citizen or an Australian permanent resident? You can also be the spouse of a New Zealand citizen who lives in Australia. Perhaps you’re thinking about moving to Australia to be with your partner?

Yes! You can do so by applying for a spouse visa!

For that first, you must ensure that all necessary paperwork is finished before applying for or filing for a partner or spouse visa.

In this blog post, we will go through the Australian Spouse Visa application process in more detail, as well as the documentation that both you and your partner must submit. So let’s get started!

The Complete Guide to Partner Visa Applications

You can apply for an Australian Partner Visa from inside or outside of Australia. Depending on whether you are within or outside of Australia, you have to apply for a separate Partner Visa subclass.

  1. If you already have a Partner (subclass 820) Visa for temporary entry, you can apply for a Partner (subclass 801) Visa for indefinite entry if you are already in Australia.
  2. You can file for a Partner (subclass 309) Visa from outside of Australia for a short stay and a Partner (subclass 100) Visa for a long-term stay.

Application for a Partner Visa: Processing Time and Cost

For first-stage onshore applications, the processing time ranges from 9 to 39 months, whereas it typically takes 14 to 38 months for offshore applications. As of July 2022, the primary applicant must pay an application cost of AUD 8085 for a partner visa. Due to the fact that this is the Australian Financial Year, the charge might go up every July.

Check If You Qualify For A Partner Visa

Determining your eligibility for an Australian Partner Visa should follow before going on to the document checklist.

You must fulfill the following essential requirements in order to be eligible to apply for an Australian Partner Visa:

  • Being wed to, or in a de facto relationship with, a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident, or a resident of New Zealand.
  • If you and your spouse are in a de facto relationship, you two must have lived together for a minimum of a year or make sure you have declared your relationship with the state’s legal system.
  • Get sponsorship from your spouse.
  • Should be under the legal age to marry or get into a de facto partnership.

Document Checklists to Apply for Australian Spouse Visa in 2023

To verify your visa application, you must submit supporting papers. Giving immigration as much information as you can with your application will work in your best favour.

A certified copy of each of your personal papers must be provided. Never ever submit fraudulent or counterfeit documentation for your visa application; your own documents must be validated to show that they are real.

It may be confirmed by a person or organisation accepted by the legal system of your own nation. The State Public Notary and the local People’s Committees are permitted to certify copies of original papers as necessary if you are outside of Australia.

Keep the original paperwork out until needed; if immigration needs them, the authorities will approach you for them.

For documents that are not in English, make sure to include certified English translations as well. If you submit your application online, you can upload your scanned copy to it using your ImmiAccount.

To reduce partner visa denial, you must develop a partner visa checklist that falls into 3 primary areas. These are as follows:

  • Document Checklist for Applicant;
  • Document Checklist for Sponsor;
  • Document Checklist for Supporting Genuine & Continuing Relationships;

Let’s get into detail for each of these categories!

1. Document Checklist for Applicant

Forms to be filled by the applicant trying for a spouse visa is:

  • Form 47SP, often known as an application for partner immigration to Australia The applicant should complete this form.

  • Form 80 is known as the Character Declaration form. The applicant should completely read and fill out this form.

  • Form 956 is known as Advice from a Migration Agent or Exempt Person. If you obtain assistance from a migration agency, you must fill out this form.

Personal Documents Needed:

  • A certified duplicate of the biographical pages of the bearer’s current passport
  • modern passport-size pictures;
  • A document attesting to your single status if you are not married to your spouse;
  • If you have ever changed your name, a certified copy of the certificate;
  • A certified copy of your service in the military record, if you have ever been a member of any national armed forces;
  • Certified copies of the family book and the birth certificate
  • National ID card certified copy;
  • Certificate of national police clearance.

2. Document Checklist for Sponsor

Forms to be filled by the sponsor for applying for a spouse visa are:

  • Form 40SP, often known as Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia. The Sponsor should complete this form.
  • Form 956 is known as Advice from a Migration Agent or Exempt Person. If you work with a migration agent, this form has to be completed.

Personal Documents Needed:

  • A certified duplicate of the biographical pages from a current passport;
  • Passport-size photos from recently;
  • Certificate attesting to one’s status
  • Certificate of name change
  • An official copy of your military service record
  • A document proving Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or NZ citizenship:
  • Birth certificate, Australian passport, international passport showing proof of permanent residence, and certificate of Australian citizenship
  • Evidence of long-term residency in Australia and ongoing connections to Australia
  • A letter verifying employment and yearly wage; pay stubs; bank account records; Australian revenue and/or foreign tax assessment notices;
  • Documentation of any assets bought in Australia
  • Certificate of AFP National Police Clearance

3. Document Checklist for Supporting Genuine & Continuing Relationships

Your major objective, if you’re in a de facto relationship, is to show that you meet the “4 Pillars” of a relationship, which are:

  • Financial
  • Domestic
  • Social
  • Commitment

Personal Documents Required:

A) Statement and Declaration


  • Declaration letter from the applicant
  • Your history of relationships with your partner, who is serving as the sponsor, should be covered. If you’ve ever been in a relationship previously, you should also mention that relationship.
  • Give as much information as possible about your previous relationships. It is best if your statement letter is as thorough as possible.
  • Statement from Sponsor’s Letter
  • It ought to go through your history of interactions with your applicant partner as a sponsor. If you had a major connection with someone else in the past, you should also include those relationships.
  • Give as much information as possible about your previous relationships. It is best if your statement letter is as thorough as possible.

B) Proof of an Ongoing, Genuine Relationship

  • Documents pertaining to a previous alliance: The applicant or sponsor’s documentation must be signed by someone who has ever been bereaved, divorced, or permanently separated. 
  • The following papers can be submitted: 
    • A statutory declaration of separation
    • A certified copy of a divorce decree
    • A certified copy of a death certificate
  • Provide two or more copies of Form 888, one of which must be completed by an Australian citizen or lawful permanent resident who also attests to your connection.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Your spouse and you in photos;
  • A history of how you and your partner communicated when you were separated;
  • Statements in writing or a formal declaration.

C) Proof of the Financial Position of the Relationship

  • Evidence of any shared ownership of any large assets, such as automobiles, homes, homes, appliances, etc.;
  • Evidence of common financing;
  • Evidence of a combined bank account, evidence of shared household spending, and
  • Other evidence might include joint mortgages or the designation of one another as beneficiaries in each other’s wills or insurance policies.

D) Proof of the Relationship’s Social Interaction

  • Evidence that you and your partner are frequently accepted in social situations as a pair

E) Proof of Their Dating 

  • Pictures of you and your spouse with your family;

F) Other Documents Required

  • Statutory declarations describing the nature of your relationship from your partner’s parents, siblings, family members, and other friends;
  • A record of their travels together;
  • Evidence that you and your partner have disclosed your connection to public or private organisations;
  • Participation in organisations or groups in common;

How Ghothane Lawyers Can help Your Spouse Visa Application Process Simpler?

As you can see from the aforementioned requirements, obtaining an Australian spouse visa will take a lot of time and work due to the extensive documentation that is needed.

A smart place to start when putting together your partner visa application is by using our document checklist for an Australian spouse visa. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you won’t have issues with missing papers, weak statements, or other document-related issues.

We strongly advise anybody applying for an Australian spouse visa to get assistance from an Australian migration service. A licenced migration agency like Ghothane Lawyers is aware of the strain involved in paperwork preparation. Even after putting in a lot of time and work, you could still encounter problems as a result of a single small error.

We at Ghothane Lawyers are specialists in processing both straightforward and intricate Partner Visa applications. Through the provision of excellent document work for their Partner Visa application, we have assisted couples all over the world.

From start to finish, we will help you and make the procedure as simple as it can be.  So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!