You are not guaranteed to be granted an Australian visa just because you applied. Even if you fill out the visa application attentively, you could forget something crucial or misunderstand what was requested of you. The rejection can even be a mistake in some circumstances.

Sadly, since you won’t be allowed to visit Australia if your visa application is rejected, your trip plans or migration will be delayed. You can try to file an Australia visa appeal even if you are not necessarily qualified for other visas in specific circumstances. It relies on a number of variables,  whether your visa appeal is approved, some of which are covered in this article.

Why Does Your Australian Visa Get Rejected?

Australian Visa Refusal

The following reasons might lead to a visa application being rejected by Australian immigration:

  • Invalid Passport Issues: Your passport needs to be at least six months valid upon your departure from Australia, and it should have been issued within the last ten years. When a passport doesn’t fit these requirements, the Immigration Office won’t provide visas.
  • Incomplete Form of Application:  Your visa request will probably be rejected if you file an incomplete application.
  • Character Requirements Failure: Rejection of the visa will occur if the character requirements for Australia are not met. If your application for a visa is rejected based on your character, you could not be granted another one.

  • Lack of Documents: Your request for a visa to Australia will be rejected if you are lacking the necessary documents.
  • False Information: You must honestly and accurately respond to all of the questions while requesting an Australian visa. Your request for a visa can be rejected if it becomes out that you lied.

  • Unable to Respond to More Requests: The Immigration Office may need you to provide extra papers or information after you’ve submitted a visa application. If you don’t answer these questions, your application for a visa will be denied.

  • Financially Limited:  You won’t be given a visa if you can’t show that you can afford to travel to Australia. Knowing that you are capable of sustaining yourself financially is crucial to the immigration office.

  • Lacking Health Insurance:  Candidates need to provide proof they have got the necessary insurance in circumstances where it is necessary to possess health insurance for certain visas (student visas). A visa will be rejected if you don’t have health insurance.

How Can I Appeal an Australian Visa Denial?

In the event that your request for an Australian visa is rejected, follow these instructions to make an appeal.

  • Submit a Request to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Pay the Required Appeal Fee

Submit a Request to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

If your application for a visa is rejected, you must submit an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). You can mail an application form or apply online at the AAT’s main site; online applications are simpler to process. When you have a sponsor or nominee, they may also submit an application on your behalf.

You only have a very little window of time to file an appeal, and you must do so in writing no later than 28 days after receiving the decision notification. However, neither the Immigration Office nor AAT is capable of extending the time restriction if you miss it. You only have seven days to file your appeal if you are being held by immigration officials.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the duration of the appeal process depends on both the type of visa you filed for and the reasons your application was denied. The Immigration Office will notify you in writing of its decision about your visa, and the letter will include all the details you need to appeal a visa denial, including the appeal date.

  • Pay the Required Appeal Fee

The average application will cost you an extra charge of about AUD1,826 in order for you to consider the request. If you will have a great deal of trouble paying the entire amount, you may be considered for a fee reduction of up to 50%.

Before the period for submitting an appeal request expires, you must pay the cost. Make sure you submit your application in person within the deadline and pay the fees the same day you submit it. Credit cards, checks, money orders, and electronic funds transfers can all be used to make the payment at the point of sale (EFTPOS).

How Will I Know Whether the AAT Has Received My Request to Appeal?

The AAT will provide you with a letter acknowledging receipt of your application when you submit your appeal. Further information about what will happen after they have reviewed your request will be included in the letter.

Which Documents I must Include With My Appeal Request?

Usually, when you email your appeal application, you don’t need to include any more paperwork. The Department of Foreign Affairs will then hand over all of your pertinent documentation after being notified by the AAT that a visa appeal request is in progress. In some circumstances, the AAT could ask you for more details; however, this can occur after you’ve already completed your application.

Can I Reapply If My Visa is Rejected?

If your first application for a visa is rejected, you can try again. However, if the reasons for the rejection are simple to resolve (such as a missing document or a misunderstanding with the immigration office), you can first submit a visa appeal, in which scenario the decision to deny your application will be reversed. You can submit an additional application if you still do not have a visa.

On the other side, you can even be prohibited from ever applying for a further visa when your visa application was rejected if you failed the Australian character test.

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