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Immigration Lawyers Melbourne

With the range of visas provided by the Australian government, choosing the right kind of visa and successfully applying for it can be a challenging task. At Ghothane Lawyers, our principal objective is to provide you the most ideal and practical advice so that you can achieve your desired results for yourself, your family, or your representative. We are here to guide you step by step throughout this intricate process. The process of visa application may be an emotionally taxing journey for some applicants. Our Immigration lawyers are well attuned to your needs and will understand your individual circumstances to accomplish the best way forward.


With more than 14+ years of experience, our immigration lawyers are well equipped to assist you with:

  • All Visa Applications 
  • State Migration Plan and Skill Assessment  
  • Managing Refusal, Cancellation, and Adverse Information 
  • Ministerial Intervention  
  • Citizenship 
  • Character Provision  
  • Health Waiver  
  • AAT and Court Representation 

We can help you arrange and lodge your visa and citizenship applications, respond to requests for  more information from the Department of Home Affairs, and attend to letters of response such as  refusal, cancellation and adverse information.  

The process of visa application involves much more than lodgement of the application. It involves  developing a strategy specific to each circumstance in order to get the visa granted. We will develop a  roadmap for you so that you can obtain the visa you seek. 

Our experienced Melbourne Immigration lawyers also advise corporate clients on their sponsor obligations. We can help with temporary and permanent residency internal company policies, visa compliance, and risk management with all type of visa applications. We also help you in making representations to the Minister in matters which are of public interest,  depending on the specific conditions of the case.  

Contact us to discuss your needs whether you are a visa candidate, looking for additional information  about your migration choices, a second opinion, or simply seeking assistance with your migration  matters. Phone: 1800 886 886 or Email:  

Apply for an Australian visa to study, visit, work or migrate to Australia. We can guide you to obtain the right kind of visa & assist with the entire process.

State nominated visa options are very popular due to the availability of a range of occupations in  demand in each region.


Cancellation or refusal of visa can be stressful. You may be able to lodge an appeal for review at the (AAT) if you are eligible.

Ministerial Intervention is generally the last resort for people looking to have their matter considered.

The Department of Home Affairs may refuse or cancel a visa if the visa applicant/holder does not pass the character test.  

If you receive an unfavourable outcome of your visa application from the Department, you may be eligible for  review of that decision in the AAT.