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Family law issues are generally needed amidst times of high anxiety when it is difficult to make definite choices or consider the future with any clarity. We consider the wellbeing of families during these negotiations while facilitating the most ideal outcome for our clients. Our lawyers have the required experience in intervention, community law, and issues like separation, childcare, change management, and paternity. We understand the circumstance you face and will compassionately assist you with any issues that arise while determining arrangements that work for you and your family.

Our Family Law Services include assistance with:

  • Divorce 
  • Property Settlement  
  • Financial Agreement / Consent Order  
  • Spousal Maintenance  
  • Child Support / Custody 
  • Family Violence / Intervention Orders  
  • Wills 

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Divorce simply recognizes that the marriage has ended but does not solve issues concerning  support, property distribution or arrangements for children.

Separated couples can reach a property settlement inside or outside of Court depending on the circumstances.

A consent order is a written agreement that is approved by a court. By signing consent orders parties agree that they  will abide by the terms in the order.  

Spousal Maintenance occurs when a partner has to maintain their ex-partner financially after a relationship ends. 

Parents are responsible for the financial support of their child/ren.

A parenting plan is a written agreement that sets out parenting arrangements for child/ren.