Australia’s Subclass 100 Visa is a permanent partner visa that permits Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, and qualified New Zealand citizens to sponsor their Spouse/partner’s migration to Australia. This is an offshore partner (Spouse) visa because the applicant must be outside of Australia at the time of application. 

Who is Eligible?

The Subclass 100 Partner Visa is the last and concluding phase in the process of acquiring an Australian permanent residency. You must file for the Subclass 100 Visa (permanent) around the same time as the Subclass 309 Visa (temporary), just like all Australian Partner Visas. You must also maintain your current status as a visa holder and remain sponsored by your spouse or de facto partner. Following are the conditions you must meet to be eligible for a permanent partner visa:

  • You must hold a subclass 309 Partner Visa.
  • You and your sponsor must still be married or in a de facto relationship.
  • For you to be considered for the permanent visa, two years must have elapsed after you filed for the joint 309 and 100 visas.
  • Your relationship with your partner must be authentic and ongoing.
  • You must have resided together during your relationship.
  • You must both be committed to a shared existence without the presence of other partners.
  • You must have settled all existing debts with the Australian government.

How to apply for Subclass 100

  • Apply for a temporary partner visa subclass 309 at the same time as your application for subclass 100 visa.
  • Make sure that the Department of Home Affairs has the most recent copy of the documentation needed to examine your visa. These documents should contain evidence on your relationship with your spouse, any modifications in your status, the latest passport information, character credentials, details about your dependants (if any), documents from your partner, and relevant data regarding your migration representative.
  • Using your ImmiAccount, upload the relevant documentation.
  • If your situation has changed or if you want to add more family members to your application, you must notify them. If the Immigration Department requires any additional information, they will contact you.
  • You will be notified of the outcome of your visa application. They will inform you whether or not your visa application has been approved. If your application is granted, then you will be an Australian permanent resident on the day it is granted or the date you arrive in Australia, whichever comes first, based on whether you are in Australia or abroad at the time your visa application is approved.


  • Sure you can. And you can start living in Australia, apply for Medicare, study, and work.

You do not need to pay any processing fee for the Subclass 100 Visa. You have already paid for it when you submitted your joint 309/100 Visa application. Know more on Department of Home Affair website for Cost details.

Yes, it is. The sponsor can only sponsor a maximum of 2 partners during their lifetime.

If the sponsor has previously sponsored his/her partner, they have  to wait at least 5 years since the date of their first visa lodgement.

The 309 visa is designed to apply from outside Australia. Once you’re granted this 309 visa, you can come to Australia and apply the visa 100 onshore.

Yes, you can. Your family members would need to meet the character and health requirements as well.

For the stage 1, which is the visa subclass 309, it may take between 17-20 months, while the permanent stage (subclass 100) can take between 17-23 months.

However, it depends on each person’s circumstances. 

Yes, the 100 visa will allow you to travel in and out of Australia for five years from the date of visa grant.

Your 309 visa will continue until the Department makes a decision on your subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa Assessment.


Visa Processing Time


Application (%)

Processing Time


6 Months


9 Months


12 Months


18 Months

While in most cases, applications are approved within 2 years, it may even take longer if you haven’t submitted all the required documents or if the Department of Immigration needs more information. Check Visa Processing Time.

Subclass 100 Partner Visa Checklist:

Personal Documents

You need to show that you are in a continuing relationship with your sponsor.

    • Passport biodata page for the applicant
    • Marriage certificate (where relevant)
    • Evidence of Shared Accommodation, such as:
      • Joint lease agreement
      • Bond payment
      • Mortgage documents
      • Joint property ownership documents
      • Utility bills
    • Evidence of Correspondence Addressed Jointly, such as:
      • Receipts, invoices, deliveries, bills
      • Letters, cards or invitations sent by mail to you both at your home address
      • Letters from your bank, including bank statements, that show your joint home address
    • Evidence of Joint Financial Commitments, such as:
      • Joint bank account(s)
      • Joint financial documents
      • Joint insurances
      • Joint bills and other financial liabilities
      • Joint car loans
    • Evidence of Joint Memberships of Organisations of Groups, such as:
      • Joint gym memberships
      • Joint golf/tennis club memberships
    • Relationship statements from you and your sponsor
    • Subclass 309 Visa Grant Notification

  • Documents for Dependent Children included in the application:

    • Valid Passports
    • Original Birth certificates
    • Evidence of custody arrangements
    • If they are over 18 years of age, evidence of dependence and support

  • Sponsors Personal Documents 

    • Passport biodata page of the Sponsor
    • Statutory Declaration of Sponsor attesting Genuineness of the Relationship

  • Health and Character 

    • Police Clearances for Applicant 
    • Police Clearances for dependent children aged 16 years and over (where applicable)

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