Are You A s48 Bar Applicant And Looking Forward To Applying For Visa SC 190/491/494 Onshore?

From 13 November 2021, s48 bar holders can also apply for visa SC 190, 491,494 onshore, which
means you no longer need to leave the country to apply for your visa.

Before the changes, people whose visa had been refused were barred by s48 from making an onshore
application under SC 190, 491 and 494 visas. Therefore, an applicant had to leave Australia to lodge visa under these categories.

In current situation, in absence with current changes had following detrimental consequences:

      The applicant could not travel overseas and return due to COVID -19 travel restrictions; and

     The States and Territories were hesitant to approve nomination due to s48.

Therefore, the current s48 change is huge sigh of relief for thousands of applicants in Australia who were waiting to lodge their applications.

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