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We are a small boutique law firm in a niche area of Conveyancing, Business Sale and Purchase, Commercial Lease, Family Law and Immigration. However, since we also cater for targeted community groups, we also deal will some General Areas of Law. We direct our clients to other firms if we are unable to handle the cases but keep in touch with our clients as they have cultural and language barriers. We always care for the best and consistent results for our clients. We were established around 2018 to provide best legal services as possible to people who are unable to access legal services due to language or culture and to wider Australian community. We skilfully utilize the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve your specific individualized problems and advance the interests of your legal goal to perform quality legal services.

For most of our clients, we meet them when the worst thing that ever could happen to them has happened. We know that they want more than an attorney; they want someone who will listen attentively, treat them with respect.

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Our Reputation inspires us to work harder for our clients to achieve the outcomes that they desire.

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We have team of Professional Lawyers who can speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali and Punjabi.

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Deepak Puji

I am currently dealing with Ajay Sharma. Great guy, great firm, very attentive and knowledgeable team. Anyone who is looking for great migration advice and services please choose Ghothane Lawyers. Thanks so much guys!!

Aditya Anand

Extremely happy with Ghothane Lawyers service. They are really supportive and gave me accurate advice on my PR application. They have also helped me to be updated with all the immigration news.

Monte Azmi

Patrick is an authentic lawyer/ conveyancer who knows how to deal with challenging situations confidently and professionally. Highly recommended.

Rush Maharjan
Rush Maharjan

I have been client with Tony dai and ghothane lawyers since very beginning and very happy with their service. Good service, Professional and very helpful